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123 Main Street
Warrenton, VA 20186


Missional Ministry Leadership Team

(Research & Development)

Team members:  Brad Beals, Michael Caporaletti, Doug Harris, Jim Raines,
Kim Raines, Laurie Schauss, Stephanie Usrey, Tom Williams


The MMLT is in the process of creating eight ministry teams to move our work forward.  Below, you will find information about and initial possibilities for each ministry.


Special Operations ministries

  • Digital Church Ministry
    • Expand digital footprint
    • Formation of a digital congregation
    • MMLT liaison = Laurie Schauss
  • Eating Meetings/Food Fellowships/Dinner Church
    • Fauquier Family Shelter fellowships
    • Support for Haiti Street dinners
    • Dinner Church at Moffett Manor
    • Dinner Church at The Gathering Place
    • Support for AA/NA meetings at 123 Main Street and The Gathering Place
    • MMLT liaison = Stephanie Usrey
  • Neighborhood Community Groups
    • Bible/book study
    • Fellowship focus
    • Service focus – taking care of our neighborhoods
    • MMLT liaison = Kim Raines
  • School Connections Ministry
    • Tutoring at The Gathering Place
    • Recruiting/support for ongoing volunteer work (reading with students, mentoring students) in Brumfield and Taylor
    • Weekend PowerPacks support
    • ESL classes for parents
    • MMLT liaison = Kim Raines
  • Recreational Ventures
    • Movie nights
    • Sports activities for youth and children
    • MMLT liaison = Michael Caporaletti
  • Victims of Domestic Violence Ministry
    • Mentoring training and support
    • Collections for needs of victims of domestic violence
    • MMLT liaison = Laurie Schauss
  • WBC Builders
    • Partnering with FCC and Habitat for Humanity
    • Work with families with ongoing repair/building/construction needs in our community
    • Host training sessions at The Gathering Place
    • Include men, women, youth, and families in the ministry
    • MMLT liaison = Tom Williams
  • Worship
    • Morning groups (e.g. coffeehouse, mothers with preschoolers)
    • Evening groups (e.g. Friday/Saturday night youth/young adult)
    • Drama ministry
    • MMLT liaison = Doug Harris and Jim Raines

Begin praying about where you fit within these (and other) ministries. We invite all ideas that you have for new ministries that our body should pursue for the glory of God. Be in touch!